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Collapsible Water Retainer / Shower Water Dam
Keeps Water In The Shower 
Price includes aluminum base and flexible vinyl blade

Price:  3 Foot length     $57.00 (actual length is 35-15/16") 
            5 Foot length     $85.00 (actual length is 60")
                6 Foot length   $102.00 (actual length is 72")  
Replacement Vinyl Blade $2.00 per foot 


Vinyl Blade Flexes When Rolled Over

Keeps Water In The Shower
Polished Chrome Aluminum Base .......(See Dimensions Below)


The Barrier Free Water Dam is designed to allow wheelchairs and rolling shower chairs easy access to the shower area. The durable vinyl dam is flexible for wheelchairs to roll over easily and then return to an upright position. The base of the Water Dam is constructed of solid Aluminum with a chrome-look finish for long lasting durability in both Residential and Commercial applications. The Barrier Free Water Dam can be used with our special FBS Shower Door on this web site or a shower curtain to keep the water in the bathing area and the rest of your bathroom safe and dry. If necessary, the vinyl water dam can be replaced by sliding the dam along its channel (see below). This Water Dam was designed to give you many years of trouble free service!


  • Polished and anodized aluminum construction
  • Durable, flexible and soft poly-vinyl chloride water dam insert
  • Easily cleaned with vinyl safe cleaners
  • Easily installed with high quality silicone bathroom caulk
  • Most effective with the use of a weighted shower curtain or our FBS Shower Door.

Oversized showers:
Placing two aluminum bases together and sealing the joint with high quality silicone bathroom caulk can easily accommodate oversized showers. The flexible vinyl insert can be ordered in any custom length to ensure continuous water control across the length of the combined aluminum units.

Solid Aluminum Base with Flexible Vinyl Water Dam

click here to open a .pdf drawing

INSTALLATION: Tools needed are hack saw and measuring tape.
1. Measure the opening.
2. Cut track 1/ 32" less than measurements.
3. Cut vinyl water dam to fit length of track + 1/8”.
4. Apply a high quality silicone bathroom caulk to the bottom of the track and press into position.
For additional strength, anchors may be used.


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